What Is Copy Trading?

A complete guide to copy trading, how to make copy trading profit, social trading tools and what companies in the financial markets online should I use?

Social trading through copy trading means that you copy other traders.

This is done automatically, and you will make copy trade profit exactly the same as the copy trading strategy that you are copying.

This without having to spend any time on doing trading yourself in the financial markets.

The size of the copy trades are automatically adjusted in a way that makes you able to follow any copy trading account without having the same amount deposited on your own copy trading account.

When investing for income using social trading tools such as copy trading it is important to make note of that when using this kind of ‘mirror’ trading You should choose a platform provider that is licensed and trustworthy.

Skilling is a Scandinavian trading company that is globally licensed.

Skilling has Scandinavian ownership and to a very large degree Scandinavian top management.

The brokerage is offering social trading using copy trading, and it is doing so in very favorable and investor friendly terms.

When choosing a social trading platform, one should keep in mind that using companies licensed within the EU typically provides a lot more security that many other trading companies necessarily does.

Wanting to choose a company near you as your social trading provider, Skilling will suit your needs for both security and client services combined with very competitive pricing making your copy trading investments all the more likely to succeed.

It is very easy to get started with social trading using copy trading. You can also stop the trading and withdraw your money equally fast without any cost using the trading platform from the Scandinavian online broker Skilling.

If you are wondering how to start investing using copy trading in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, Skilling provides both a social trading platform and the security that stems from being globally licensed for you to safely invest your money using copy trading anywhere in the world.

Through the Skilling copy trading plattform you can only copy trade financial instruments with very high liquidity such as gold, indices, currencies, commodities, and stocks of a certain minimum size and level og liquidity.

This ensures that You in practice will never experience not being able to initiate nor stop the copy trading at your own discretion as the social trading platform only allows trading these high liquidity financial instruments.

Normally with social trading the ones following a copy trading strategy are called followers, while the trader is typically called the strategy provider.

Advantages with Copy trading

With social trading through the use of copy trading you don’t have to spend your time monitoring the financial markets yourself, while at the same time you can be assured that the strategy provider always does his very best as it is his own funds on the line.

You do not need any competence when it comes to investments and the financial markets as such.

If you can’t tell the difference between a share and a stock, if you’re searching online for best investment tips, or if you simply just have no interest in investments and trading, copy trading is very much your best choice.

With this kind of social trading you can make very good profits copying someone else’s trades regardless of your own knowledge about the financial markets.

Further, regardless of you choosing a trading company near you, or an offshore copy trading platform provider, if you choose a forex trading strategy, if you choose a multi asset strategy, or perhaps a long / short strategy, You can always rely on that the trader doing the actual investments always has your best interests in mind.

The traders’ interest will always be perfectly aligned with your own.

This is the main benefit of social trading using copy trading platforms.

If you are thinking how to start investing, or pretty much are seeking the web for ‘investing for dummies’ there is a lot you can learn, and the list of trading tips you can benefit from just by watching experienced traders behavior through copy trading is extensive.

Social trading using copy trading will give you the benefit of being able to at any given time observe which trades are carried out.

This, while at the same time having one eye at the financial market news, will significantly increase your understanding of the financial markets and how professional trading is done.

On your own copy trading account, you can continously observe what is going on.

You can see the positions you are currently holding, the historic trades that has been carried out, and all the related trading statistics.

Further, you can very easily, and at no cost stop the copy trading and withdraw your money upon your own choosing at any given moment.

Social trading using copy trading with Skilling is very user friendly

Your Skilling copy trading account is nominated in your own local currency and can be entered and exited, re-entered and re-exited at no cost, no exchange fees, no withdrawal, -or depositing fees of any kind.

If you are not the kind that are monitoring your copy trading investments too close, you might want to consider applying a so called ‘account stop loss’.

This means that you can allocate a certain amount to your copy trading account in order to follow one or several strategies, and at the same time apply and overall stop loss that is executed automatically given that your account value drops underneath a pre-defined amount of your own choosing.

The background of copy trading

Social trading, mirror trading, and many other shapes of copy trading has been known for quite some time now. Professional and non-professional investors have been able to utilize this way of investing for years.

Although the various platforms and investment mechanisms from the outset was less than optimal.

It was not really functioning optimally until one was fully able to automate the copy trading in a way that made it possible to 100% automatically achieve the same trading results on one’s account, as on the copy trading account one was following.

Then, and only then it became an attractive and recommendable kind of social trading easily usable for non-professional investors.

Now non-professional investors can invest in the exact same way as the professionals.

Simply invest and achieve the same profits.

This is the way of the very well-functioning copy trading-platforms we know and love today.

The  early days of Copy Trading

Social trading tools like mirror trading, signal trading, and various blogs of many kinds where more or less professional investors disclosed the nature of their trades on an ongoing basis in order to accommodate for followers to be able to invest (copy trade) the same way, represent the very beginning of copy trading as we know it today.

This kind of social trading was in principle all good and well, but for those who followed / copied these copy trading accounts seeking to execute the same trades as the professional traders did on their own accounts, to a very large degree found out that this was not doable.

Some copy trading initiatives automatically generated emails to the followers / subscribers for them to be able to place the same orders themselves, but the time-lag made it impossible to carry out in practice.

Others would communicate their trades in various internal and external channels (financial forums, blogs, tweets etc.), disclosing which traders did what trades in the various markets.

What all these early copy trading initiatives have in common, was that none of them made it possible to 100 % invest in the same manner as the trading account of the strategy provider they were following.

Very many traders acted very fast and were likely to both enter and exit trades long before the copy trading followers had any real opportunity to react.

This made the whole thing a very frustrating exercise for many trying to invest professionally through these social trading platforms.

Observing the positive results on the various strategy providers’ accounts while at the same time ending up with less, and / or potentially negative results on their own copying accounts only served the purpose of underlining the need for a fully automated copy trading solution.

This paved the way for the fully automated copy trading we have today.

Copy trading in the UK

Copy trading is in the UK a quite new term, but during the relatively short period this way of social trading investments has been available it has completely changed the way very many people look at social trading and investments.

Up until now nonprofessional investors have often searched the web with terms such as; invest with companies near me , investing for income, how to start investing UK etc. lately this has changed to a lot more frequently include search terms such as; Copy trading, social trading, Mirror trading etc.

Copy trading has become a very familiar and acceptable way of investing.

The public is to a much larger degree starting to search the net for copy trading, and the market is no longer dominated by those searching ‘investments for dummies’ anymore….

Skilling has with its Scandinavian roots and friendly, intuitive, and user-oriented trading platforms to a large degree changed the way very many traders have been perceiving copy trading and the investment possibilities that copy trading offers.

Making it extremely easy to get started, understand, and use copy trading is now in practice to be regarded as investing for everyone.

Investing online at love cost, full transparency through an extremely easy and intuitive trading platform is currently taking the social trading platforms of Skilling into the living room of more and more investors day by day.

if You have any questoins regarding copy trading, please feel free to get in touch at; [email protected]