Skilling Review

2555s53Skilling is by far the best FX and CFDs online broker we have tested so far!

Skilling makes absolutely everything easy and understandable regardless of the experience level of the client.

Skilling offers an intuitive and predictable trading platform in a way we have not experienced before.

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Key take a way’s from this Skilling Review

  • Low cost trading
  • Both user friendly and advanced platforms
  • Account in local currencies
  • Wide amount of instruments
  • Copy Trading

Skilling combines very good prices, easy account opening, quick deposits and withdrawals, making the CFD broker in most settings a totally superior and suitable for both beginners and professional traders.

With Skilling the Nordics have finally gotten an online broker who is very much willing and able to go up against the long established CFD brokers who until now to a very large extent been stemming out of the UK, Israel and Eastern Europe.


The team behind Skilling is very experienced and knowledgeable within finance and the CFD brokerage industry.

When they set out to find a CEO, they chose very untraditionally;

In January 2016, Anders Berglund, -Previously the CEO of Google in Sweden was hired to lead the Skilling  team, and under his leadership the foundation for Skilling and their minimalistic but ingenious philosophy and strategy was paved out.

If it can be done easier, -it will make it easier…

Skilling is an innovative, light-footed, and positively oriented CFD online broker, and the various teams that are fairly evenly divided between finance and tech certainly does not appear to come off as typical traditional financiers.

Some time after the launch of their CFD trading platforms, Skilling has recently (November 2020) hired industry veteran Michael Kamerman to lead the next phase in Skilling’s ambitious global venture.

Michael Kamerman is a internationally very well-known industry name, – coming from the position as CEO of the Skilling competitor FXCM.

Although the ownership behind Skilling are to a very large extent Norwegian and Swedish, the company has repeatedly manifested its global ambition and are very well regarded outside Scandinavia.

In the UK, which has been one of Skilling’s absolute main markets, they were in the 2019/2020 season sponsoring the Premier Legue football club Fulham.

Further, recently Skilling signed a comprehensive sponsorship deal with Aston Villa.

Globally, and most likely more noticeable Skilling has managed to take on chess world champion Magnus Carlsen in the position as Global Ambassador for the brokerage.

This is the Magnus Carlsen wrote in connection with the announcement of the agreement with Skilling in September 2020:

“I have been fascinated by Skilling as a fintech player, and that I like the attitude of making things accessible and easy for both beginners and experienced. We share the view that everyone with an interest in something should have the opportunity to utilize and develop their full potential “Magnus Carlsen, chess god

The first tournament in “the Champions Chess Tour 2021” has also been officially named “Skilling Open”.

Costs at Skilling

Skilling is extremely competitively priced with spreads from 0.1 points on forex pairs.

Skilling is an extremely competitively priced CFD broker. Brokerage-free standard account with only 100 £ in minimum deposit and super low spreads.

  • No minimum fees or minimum commissions
  • Account in several currencies (no conversion costs)
  • No entry, or withdrawal costs
  • No inactivity fee

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Skilling & Trading platforms

Skilling offers three different platforms & three associated trading apps; Skilling Trader, cTrader and MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Skilling Trader

Skilling Trader is available on both PC, mobile and tablet

Skilling Trader has a very simple user interface, almost completely without so-called financial jargon, which makes it very easy for those who have no or limited experience with trading.

Professionals and traders with more experience will certainly appreciate the more advanced features of Skilling Trader, and also use the charts from TradingView that are integrated into the platform.

The charts from TradingView allow you to use indicators and tools such as RSI, MACD, trend lines, Elliot Wave etc.

Skilling Trader has integrated charts from award-winning TradingView.

Skilling has integrated charts from TradingView

Skilling cTrader

Skilling cTrader is available on both PC, browser and mobile.

cTrader is an extremely sophisticated FX and CFDs platform for advanced traders looking for the complete solution.

  • Advanced risk management and ordering features
  • Huge selection of indicators
  • Algorithm trading with C # and .net

Skilling MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 4 is the world’s most widely used trading platform for CFD & forex trading and has been the global industry standard for almost 20 years.

MetaTrader 4 has a large selection of plugins and Expert Advisors.

MT4 is by far the most used CFD platform in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America where Skilling has very many customers.

  • A well-established trading platform
  • Automated trading with EAs
  • Large selection of plugins

Skilling’s Products

Skilling has a very good product range with Norwegian and global equities, indices (OBX), commodities, currency and cryptocurrency. You can also shop approx. 30 different ETFs. New products are added to the races.


800+ different stocks from around the world Eg Ferrari, LVMH, Pfizer etc.
400+ US stocks for example; Apple, Tesla, Amazon, etc.
Norwegian shares such as; Mowi, Equinor, DNB, Telenor mv

Stock indices

You can trade CFDs on some twenty stock indices. The stock indices included the Norwegian OBX25, the German DAX index (GER30) and the American indices S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones.


You can trade over 70 currency pairs including many Scandinavian such as; EURNOK, USDNOK, CHFNOK, JPYNOK, SEKNOK.

You also have access to a number of “exotic” currencies such as the Mexican Pesos (MXN), the Turkish Lire (TRY) and the South African Rand.


Skilling allows you to trade CFDs on gold, silver, oil (both WTI and North Sea oil / Brent), gas and platinum etc.


With these listed funds, you can very easily and reasonably expose yourself to specific sectors (such as gold, commodities, tech, etc.).

Crypto Currencies

Skilling offers all the most popular cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, IOTA, NEO, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash.