Skilling Copy Trading

Copy The Best Traders Automatically

Skilling now offers Copy Trading through their cTrader platform (cCopy).

You can now discover traders from across the globe, automatically copy their strategy and receive their trades in your investment account.

Who are Skilling?

Skilling is an Scandinavian-owned fintech company offering trading in FX and CFDs (stocks, indices, commodities and crypto).

They were founded in 2016 and has since grown considerably in Scandinavia, United Kingdom and rest of Europe.

Why Copy Trading at Skilling

Skilling is a multi-regulated broker with low costs, innovative technology and provides a safe arena for both investors and traders.

They recently announced their sponsorship with Aston Villa, becoming an official club partner for the 2020/21 season.

In 2020, Skilling also announced a partnership with Norwegian Chess-Star Magnus Carlsen.

Benefits of Copy Trading

There are several benefits of Copy Trading:

Discover trading talents

Find and choose among the best performing traders and let him/her trade for you – no experience needed.,

Discover trading talents and choose the best

Diversify your investments

You can potentially diversify your portfolio by having investments with real traders trading in several asset classes.

If you want exposure in the foreign exchange market, but have zero experience trading FX, you can just copy a successful forex trader.

Long/Short Trading

Many strategy providers utilize short trading which means they can profit on falling markets.


Most traders use leverage and most of the strategy providers you will find at Skilling, utilize leverage to a certain degree.

Leverage can make both profits and losses bigger.

Within Forex, providers can usually use leverage up to 1:30, meaning that a $1000 trade can give an exposure of $30 000.

Fixed Risk

With Skilling cTrader you can choose your risk through an equity stop-loss.

If you want to copy a strategy with $1000 and dont want to risk more than 20 % ($200), you can set your equity stop-loss to this sum.

If your investment falls below $800 you will automatically stop to copy the strategy.


What are the costs?

Except for regular trading costs, the strategy provider will usually charge a success-fee which usually is at 20 %.

Having a success fee ensures that the strategy provider has the same goals as you – to make money.

If you don’t make money from Copy Trading, then the strategy provider cannot charge a success fee.

The success-fee follows the high-watermark model, which means no success-fee will be charged until your investment is at an all-time high.

How to start Copy Trading with Skilling

To start Copy Trading at Skilling thorugh their cTrader platform, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up with Skilling

Step 2: Verify your account and make a deposit

Step 3: Open a cTrader account, navigate to “Copy” and then invest in a strategy (i.e. FX International)


Can I become a strategy provider?

Yes, anyone can become a provider.

If you can build up and good track-record, you might get investors who choose to copy your strategy.

Please note that you have to build up the track record at the platform, and cannot import old track-records.

You can easy opt to become a Strategy Provider