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The team behind copytrade.co.uk

Stefan Eriksen

Stefan has an engineering degree from the University of Trondheim (Norway), Faculty of Technology. Further he holds a degree in Engineering Economics, and another Master of Science degree in Strategy and International Business from the Norwegian Business School BI.

Stefan has for the past 15 years held leading positions in several licensed brokerages heavily focused on trading with currencies and derivatives. He currently holds the role of general manager of FX Securities.

Lennart Clausen

Lennart holds a diploma in economics from Norwegian Business School BI, and has worked trading derivatives, options, currencies and CFD’s since 2000.

First as a broker in the largest Scandinavian Bank, Nordea (currencies, bonds and options) before moving on to FX Securities, as Head of trading.

He has also held the Head of trading position with the online broker Skilling. Lennart has extensive experience within trading and management of currencies, indices, and commodities throughout his career.

Håkon Fuglaas

Håkon holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Norwegian Business School BI and has previously worked as a currency broker.

He has carried out the authorization program of the Securities and Exchange Association and has established and operated the company K2 Trading since 2017.

Haakon has further been ranked as a top trader at eToro with more than 4,000 followers actively investing in his strategic currency portfolios.