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Copy Trading in brief

If you want to get started with copy trading, account opening only takes a few minutes, and then you can get started following other traders.

By opening a copy trading account with the fully licenced brokerage Skilling, you will instantly be given access to the trading platform.

Here you can observe how the copy trading is carried out. The actual copy trading is carried out in an application called cTrader copy, and this feature is available as soon as you have opened your account.

By registering your email, you will instantly have access to a demo account.

And by completing your account opening you will have a copy trading account ready within just a few minutes.

Here you will find our step by step account opening guide.

Skilling offers a lot of different ways of depositing funds into your copy trading account.
Anyone can find their desired way of depositing. Credit or debit card, PayPal, Skrill, Trustly, or direct wire transfer from your own bank are just a few of the most common ways of funding your account.

By automatically entering the same positions as experienced traders do on their own accounts with their own personal funds, you are ensured that every single trade is carefully considered.

You can at any given moment see which positions are entered, which historical trades have been carried out on your account, and so forth.

In practice you can on your own copy trading account see absolutely everything at any given time and at the same time follow the account on a minute by minute basis.

Some copy trading platforms in the financial markets online will allow you to attach your copy trading account to, - and follow someone who is trading on so-called copy trading demo accounts.

This is not in any way recommendable as you very often will discover that those trading on these demo accounts have no real incentive to do this well.

This is not the kind of copy trading you are looking for!

They will very often stop giving these demo-accounts any kind of attention all together, leaving the copy trading followers ‘high and dry’ in the financial online market.

Anyone following one or several accounts through copy trading should always ensure themselves that the trader is investing his own funds as this will ensure the trader being fully committed and motivated to managing the copy trading account.

Hence, this is automatically also ensuring the same attention to the copy trading followers’ accounts.

In the financial markets online you should typically look for accounts that has a substantial amount of own funds, and perhaps also a large number of copy trading followers.

Further it is preferable that the trader charges according to his own performance and does not charge the followers any management / trail fees.

Also, it should be mentioned that it is a major advantage if your copy trading account has allowed for the same level of leverage as the account you are following.

The most common level of leverage for CFD training accounts in the financial markets online within the EU allows for a maximum leverage of 30.

This way if you have the same allowed leverage on your own account you should not follow accounts with a higher level of allowed  leverage as you in practice might not be able to copy the trades executed on these accounts.

The most common costs for those investing through copy trading are success fees, management fees, and -or volume fees.

Management fees may vary, but these are seldom more than 2% per year. Success fees may also vary, but the most used with copy trading is 20%.

This means that the strategy provider/trader will receive 20% of your profit as payment for the copy trading management, this is typically automatically deducted from your account.

In other words, social trading using copy trading in the financial markets online with a gross profit of 10% typically you will keep 8% yourself.

Very many prefer that they have a copy trading manager charging according to profits through a success fee, not charging any management fees.

With copy trading investments it is also very common that the success fee is applied using a so-called high watermark mechanism.

This way you will not risk paying success fees several times for the same profits. This is automatically done using Skilling’s copy trading platform.

Volume fees are also relatively common as copy trading strategy providers often themselves must pay a volume fee according to their traded volumes to their brokers and platform suppliers, respectively.

A volume fee of for example $100 per $1,000,000 traded only accounts for 0.01% such that a fee this size will typically not inflict the possibilities of making profits noticeably much.

Regardless it is sensible to be aware of all costs with copy trading when operating in the financial markets online.

When you invest in financial markets online using copy trading it is advantageous if you make sure that the copy trading broker you choose is a so-called one-stop-shop broker.

This way your social trading does not have to include you opening a trading account with one broker, and a copying trading account with another, -which then again is linked to your trading account.

This because you by doing so will end up with the costs of both accounts. Further, if you for whatever reason should need help or assistance of any kind, it makes sense having to relate only to one brokerage / legal entity.

Having two different suppliers could also negatively affect your profits as your strategy provider could be using another broker than yourself.

Hence, the strategy provider could be receiving different prices / terms than yourself.

Also, using different brokers you could very easily experience time gaps between these brokers.

In the financial markets online you then risk ending up with worse prices than those of the copy trading strategy provider.

Skilling has as the only brokerage in the world seamlessly integrated the cTrader trading platform into their own system so that you from your own trading account seamlessly can switch between the two different trading platforms.

Skilling’s own proprietary trading platform is extremely easy to use. Very intuitive and will suit just about any investing trader’s needs.

The cTrader platform is a lot more complex, -and it also allows for the copy trading function.

Even though the Scandinavian fintech brokerage is relatively young, the company has from its very outset been perfectly clear on the point that they do not under any circumstance compromise with respect to clients’ user experience.

Copy trading using Skilling’s trading platforms is very intuitive, super easy to use, and very well made.

Skilling makes everything easy and understandable, very well suited for those unexperienced with copy trading.

More advanced trading platforms are also offered, but for those seeking only to use copy training the easiest trading platform will typically more than cover their needs.

cTrader and MT4, including mobile versions of the trading platforms are also offered so that anyone comfortably will be able to invest and trade regardless of their experience and level of knowledge.

Further Skilling launched a major update of their proprietary platform during September 2020 which now makes this even more easy to use.

While at the same time the trading platform has been equipped with a lot more very practical functions, it has also been made even easier to use for those only utilizing the copy trading functionality. is an informational site for those having questions and quarries regarding copy trading related issues and investments.

Regardless of what your question might be, contact us and we will address your issue within a short period of time.

Even though several brokerages offer copy trading functionality, we choose to solely promote the solution from Skilling, and there are a great many good reasons for doing so.

Here is the deal:

Skilling is the only brokerage in the world having managed to seamlessly integrate the cTrader trading platform and copy trading functionality together with their own proprietary trading platform.

Skilling is a one-stop-shop brokerage where you do not have to register with one broker, and another copy trading facilitator.

This way you will steer clear of potential issues where a brokerage and a copy trading facilitator are likely to blame each other.

Should there be any indifferences or arguments, or problems of any kind related to your copy training you do not want to be caught in between two arguing parties.

Skilling is extremely competitively priced with its two different account types.

On the standard account you have very good trading conditions and the pro-account has a fixed volume fee starting at 0,0035%.

The actual trades on Pro-accounts are carried out with what is referred to as the raw market spread, also referred to as the interbank pricing.

Both account types are available for those utilizing the copy trade function with Skilling.

Skillings standard account only requires a deposit of 100 GBP

At the same time the Scandinavian brokerage is vastly cheaper than compared to eTore, the global market leader within copy trading in terms of size.

Skilling has an extremely easy user interface, almost completely without any ‘financial gibberish’.

Skilling has a no cost deposit and withdrawal policy.

You can without any cost enter and exit the copy trading at your own discretion at any given time.

Skilling has no minimum withdrawal size.

Skilling is regulated and licensed within the EU, at the same time the brokerage has its own financial license in the UK.

Skilling is also licensed in the Seychelles, should you require to utilize a jurisdiction outside the UK.

The only noticeable difference using the Seychelles license as opposed to using the UK license in practice is the level of offered leverage.

The  level of leverage is significantly higher when applying the Seychelles license.

Skilling’s Scandinavian roots appears very clearly upon taking a closer look at the brokerage. At the same time, the fintech side of it leaves no doubt this being a cutting-edge competence driven company.

The ownership, and the leading top management are to a large degree Norwegian and Swedish

Skilling offers approximately 1000 of the most popular and commonly traded financial instruments in the world.

Skilling is sponsoring the Premier League football clubs Aston Villa and Fulham

Skilling offers customer service / chat / email / phone around the clock.

Skilling offers its own proprietary trading platform, the cTrader  platform, and the MT4 trading platform.

Skilling is very competitively priced, with very low spreads and no commission on their standard account.

Skilling is extremely transparent. The brokerage is visualizing absolutely all swaps, commissions, interests and so forth.  Many other brokerages also do this, but Skilling is doing it in a much more open and transparent way.

Skilling has a so called full negative balance protection regardless of the jurisdiction of  your account.

Skilling’s order execution is extremely fast. On  average less than 0.05 seconds trading forex.

Skilling offers stock trading down to one-unit without any fees or commissions.

Skilling is available on multiple trading platforms including mobile apps.

Benefits of Copy Trading

Copy The Trades Of A Professional Trader

Follow a professional trader and get the same returns!

Your Own Liquid Hedge Fund

For only €$£ 100 you get professional copy trading on your trading account.

Instant Liquidity

Utilize surplus liquidity and exit anytime

Copy Trading FAQ

Copy Trading is a way to automatically copy other strategies and traders.

If the copied trader profits, then you profit.

The minimum amount needed to copy a strategy will vary between strategy providers, but usually the very minimum is €$£ 100

Then you very easily click Stop Copy, and then proceed to withdraw partially or your whole balance. This has no added costs of any kind.

Then you click Stop Copy. Automatically all your open positions on your account will be closed, and you can withdraw your money.

No, there are no costs in transferring money to, or out of your trading account.

No, there is no lock up of any sort with copy trading. You can at any given time choose to stop your copy trading and withdraw your money.

However, following a copy trading strategy over some time is often advisable given that you want to benefit from the full potential of the copy trading strategy, this of course given a sound trading history.

On your copy trading account, you cannot trade yourself, but on your regular trading account you can trade independently of your copy trading account as long as there are available funds.

The funds allocated to copy trading will in practice be placed on a dedicated subaccount of your own account.

No, these are governmental regulations applied in order to prevent possible money laundering. You can only transfer to and from your copy trading account from your own private bank accounts.

The historical performance will always be historical, -and you can study the transactional history for every single copy trading portfolio before eventually deciding whether to invest or not.

Normally there is no maximum limit on how much you can invest in each copy trading strategy.

Through the copy trading platform, you can email the trader, but there is no guarantee that you will be answered.

However, most traders will answer any question that might arise or otherwise somehow keep their investing followers up to date.

Not unless you have some information about the said copy trading strategy provider.